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We deliver brands attention they need.

Everyone needs attention to build a brand.

World is changing fast so we have to be fast af.

We don't just follow the trends, we create them.

We tell stories that brands actually want.

We're constantly where the attention is cheap.

The money is where the
consumer is.

What we do


Rather than “potential results,” we focus on business outcomes. We are very result-oriented meaning everything built here is built for today. We know what’s working right this second without spending any dime on what worked 5 or 10 years ago. We are always looking for the most relevant and cost-efficient ways to do marketing. The TV commercial with no ACTUAL attention could cost $10,000s but the ad on Facebook could be 50x cheaper and bring 10x the results. This is our methodology of doing the media.



We create content for brands which makes the connection between the customer and the brand. Story, copy, videos, images and everything in between. Our focus is on the performance and results that creative produces. We’re not emotionally attached to the most beautiful design or edit – We do what the data and feedback tells us to do while keeping fine line between what the people want and what the brand wants.


We are a strategic partner for the brands we manage. Ensuring our clients are most upto date with trends, platforms, content are crucial to be on-point and get results in today’s fast-paced environment.

Some of the brands we've worked with

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